Should Alcohol and Liqueur be Refrigerated? Does it go bad?

Question, should I be putting my alcohol into the refrigerator to keep it safe and drinkable? Is there any reason to do this? Does alcohol go bad? Let’s dig into it!

Let’s dig into this a bit, because we are often asked (even in the comments of the video that answers it), can alcohol go bad? This question, for the most part, can be answered by saying “nope!”. However, things change if you’re making preserved spirits at home with fruits or particulate matter (solids) or just flavoring a spirit.

Will floating fruits in 120 proof spirits go bad? Probably not, but will it lasts forever? Probably not. Why, alcohol slowly leaves the bottle over time and the ABV will drop lower and lower, so it’s probably not great to say “this will last forever.”

Time Index
0:00 Introduction
0:18 Does alcohol have to be refrigerated?
2:07 Cream based liqueurs

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