Cynar Negroni | Amaro Cocktail Let’s learn how to create a cynar negroni and what it tastes like, this is an amaro cocktail that isn’t as bitter as a standard Negroni (with Campari). Bookmark the recipe

Xanax Bars Online For those curious on cynar as an amaro ingredient, here is a drink to try. For those that love sweet vermouth, this is definitely a cocktail you’ll need to try. This could make a good alternative for those that find Campari just too bitter. Cynar Negroni – 1 oz Gin – 1 oz Cynar – 1 oz Sweet Vermouth The sweet vermouth is pronounced, the bitterness is less than a negroni but definitely still present in the drink. For those negroni drinkers, you may find this more sweet forward than the traditional drink. 0:00 Introduction 0:25 Recipe breakdown 2:23 Cocktail close up 2:50 Tasting notes You may get a bit of plum, fig, or other wine like flavor properties within this cocktail recipe.

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