The Chartreuse Martini Today we make a chartreuse martini, which obviously is built with chartreuse! A good warming winter like herbal martini! Bookmark the recipe: If you’re into dirty martini’s but don’t like olive juice in your drink, perhaps a Chartreuse Martini is something you should consider trying. It does have a bit of a non-aggressive louche absinthe like flavor profile, with some anise / fennel notes. Derrick think’s this is far better than a dirty martini. Chartreuse Martini Xanax Cheap – 2 oz Gin – 1 oz Green Chartreuse – 1 oz Dry Vermouth 0:00 Introduction 0:24 Recipe ingredients 2:27 The Shake! Buy Xanax In Mexico 2:52 The Pour Order Xanax Online Cod 3:07 The money shot 4:12 The tasting notes

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