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Ice ‘n Easy Ice Maker Review

Many have asked for it so here it is, the review of our ice maker that we use on the show. We cover a bit about the ice maker and a few key reasons you may or may not want such a device in your own home.

The ice maker we own? The Danby Ice’n Easy Portable Ice Maker, which has only mediocre reviews on Amazon, has been working for us and Common Man Cocktails for over three years without flaw–love it. Of course, it’s only moderately convenience because it is a portable ice maker so it’s not going to be auto-filled with water or drained automatically so you have to do a bit of maintenance to drain it manually and fill it when you need it.

Of course, when you’re having a party you can prepare a few ziplock freezer bags of ice ahead of time and let the thing crank all day, filling it as you need to and serving plenty of frosty cocktails. This works great for those that have already started their cocktail party and know you’ve had a bit too much to drive to the store for a bag of ice. Most fridge ice makers tend to be too slow or make small ice that doesn’t cover the flash crowd demand of a party.

Of course, a bag of us isn’t that expensive so you can buy many bags for under $10 and probably have enough for the party as long as you have space in your freezer to hold the ice until it’s gone. The Ice ‘n Easy will run you about USD $210 so that may or may not be within the price range you’re looking. For a thousand dollars you can get a pretty kick ass ice maker but for the average “everyday drinker” this might be just what you need.

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