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Capella Flavor Drops Reviewed

Tasting Notes: When applying capella flavor drops to vodka, you’ll get those flavors you expect without the sweetness. If you want sweet, you’ll want to apply simple syrup or build out a true cocktail.

This review video turned out about 7 minutes longer than I expected, but I’m happy with the results because I feel I gave Capella a full fleshed out review as compared to flavored vodkas. I believe, in the end the Capella Flavor Drops are going to compliment a great number of cocktails that call for a flavored spirit that you don’t have because it brings the subtle notes you want and need to flesh out the cocktail design.

When adding Capella Coconut Flavor to a glass of Voli Lyte Vodka or Grey Goose , you will create a coconut style vodka without added sweetness. When you take that same combination and compare it to a Pinnacle Coconut Vodka you will immediately realize that the sweet component is all but missing–a reaction that may initially make you select Pinnacle over the flavored vodka using the Capella drops. The reason is simple, when we get the reaction of sweet coconut we start imagining dessert and sweet cocktail delights… when we add Capella drops you think more along the lines of vodka in the raw but with hints of flavor (in this case coconut).

Now, consider the cocktail creation phase, where you add your sour mixes, orgeat syrups, simple syrups, passion fruit syrups or even that of a sweeter juice like pineapple juice. Once you’ve applied your typical liqueurs, sweeteners and such you may find that added sweetness of a true coconut vodka may not be as much a requirement as tasting the flavored vodka alone on ice. The lack of sweet coconut from the Capella drops within your standard vodka.

In terms of applying Capella Flavor Drops to cocktails…we’re still working that angle, for now, we wanted to give everyone a first tasting comparison to individual spirits. You can try these experiments with both vodka, rum and other spirits.

If you want to give them a try Capella has given us a 10% discount code, you can use code EVERYDAY10 on to save 10% off your order; let us know what you thinks!



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