Blackbeard Spiced Rum Review

Distilería Serrallés, the distillers of Puerto Rico’s premium rum brand known as Don Q has now released their spiced rum to the US. Blackbeard Spiced Rum is arrives in a pretty cool bottle design that fits the theme of a bottle you may find on a pirate ship, although I’ve never seen a real pirate ship. In my imagination Blackbeard’s design looks perfect, but how will it taste?

Before establishing a taste profile, it’s fun to look into the color of the spirit. In this case, a rich copper and gold coloring which reminds me of the gold found upon a pirate ship. Okay, now I’m stretching the metaphor and find it’s best to inspect the aroma and see what Blackbeard Spiced Rum is all about.

First, I get a rich vanilla flavor which makes its way around the glass and almost across the table. We’re talking about some serious vanilla with hints of caramel and under the veils of vanilla and caramel I can detect just a slight bit of the natural rum components. While there are other hints of spices within the aroma, the sweet vanilla is hard to ignore and I really don’t want to ignore them as I love vanilla.

Upon first sip, the aroma of vanilla fills my nose and brings some intense sweet spices but as the liquid touches my tongue I get the more potent spicy power of the rum. Admittedly I took a large sip initially as I was expecting more sweet but upon first taste, reality hit me right in the palate: this is a warm and tingly yet explosive punch of rum with a mixed complexity of spicy notes. The liquid is smooth and silky and brings a bit more oak once sitting on your tongue and the vanilla becomes a secondary flavor.

The finish has a bit of a sour-lime component with caramel, vanilla and a little bit of ripened pineapple husk that lingers long after, easily thirty seconds after the liquid has left your mouth. Blackbeard Spiced Rum should now be in the US having recently arrived on our shores as of the August-September time frame.

If you’re enjoying the reinvigorating sense of spiced rum in the market with tons of new brands arriving, you’ll be happy to know Blackbeard Spiced Rum is a total must try product if you’re into some of its predominant flavors of vanilla and caramel.

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