Darnley’s View Gin Review

The Wemyss family (pronounced ‘Weems’) are pleased to announce the American launch of their small batch London Dry Gin gin called Darnley’s ViewDarnley’s View celebrates the meeting in 1565 of Mary Queen of Scots and her husband Lord Darnley at their family home, Wemyss Castle in Fife, Scotland. That’s the start of the story behind Darnley’s View gin, but we know there is more to the story including aromas and taste so let’s figure it out.

As you’d expect from a boutique gin, Darnley’s View is crystal clear. The aroma, on the other hand, is extremely interesting and delightful. I don’t really use the word “delightful” often but that’s the first word that came to mind when I put my nose over the glass. It reminds me much of the awesome scents found in G’Vine Floraison in its interesting complexities. The product is said to be a balance of juniper, citrus and elderflower.

The nose isn’t as striking, it’s definitely more subtle.  I’m not even sure I need to move on to the tasting portion of the review as I can just sit here and sniff this all day long. While there is some juniper in the spirit’s aroma it’s not predominant and the citrus is balanced well against the juniper which reminds me less of an American Gin which tend to be citrus-forward.

The aroma plays its biggest role in the initial sip as you cannot help but ingest its complex structure as you take a sip. The aroma rises through your nasal passages which magnifies the flavors from the taste. The spirit well so well balanced it becomes more of a taste experience than a simple gin review.  I’m not finding a potent ethanol taste and the spirit can sit on your tongue for 30 seconds or more and only leaves a slight tingle. The liquid isn’t extremely thick nor is it diluted or watery but best described as silky on the palate. Warm, yet not overpowering with a silky texture… it’s hard to beat.

Initially I get a bit of orange essence; perhaps a bit of citrus peel with a mild juniper and flowery green in the mid-palate with a finish that tingles the tongue ever so slightly while singing super subtle juniper notes. I am not a huge fan of a juniper driven gin but I can appreciate the flavors when brought on with respect and subtly, which Darnley’s View has perfected.

Unfortunately I do not have a field of Elderflower in my backyard so I’m not as familiar with the scents, but if it smells anything like Darnley’s View Gin, I’m buying some elderflower shrubs as soon as possible!

Darnley’s View Gin isn’t just a spirit, it’s a full experience for both gin lovers and spirit enthusiasts. This is an experience I wish to repeat time and time again. I wish all spirits could bring this much excitement to my taste buds. When I find a price for this gin, I’ll update this review… don’t expect it to be cheap, this tastes, looks and acts like a crafted art.


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  • Reply
    November 5, 2010 at 9:51 am

    This gin sounds great, I’m guessing its not in stores yet?

    I’m really glad to see some more experimentation in the London Dry category, but this gin is just asking to be mixed with St. Germain’s. Do you think the flavors hold up well enough to survive the Elderflower trend?

    Either way, good review. I’m going to seek this gin out.

    • Reply
      Derrick Schommer
      November 6, 2010 at 1:15 am

      I think it’s a bit early to find it in stores, but something to keep an eye on for when you do see it.

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