Common Man Cocktails: Behind The Scenes



https://riversidechan.org/2023/01/05/tjl7p29kq I bought a Micro Flip HD (8GB) and I needed a good way to test it, so I went on set and tapped a little behind the scenes action on what we use to record Common Man Cocktails, Alcohols by Volume and our audio shows. Hopefully this is a good but not to “shaky” tour of the set. The Flip handles things pretty well, albiet a bit shaky when walking or moving.

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    Great to see what goes on behind the set. Definitely love to watch the show for it’s personality after watching all the dry videos online for bar tending. A great resource for fixing up your own bar or for teaching yourself more drinks if you want to tend bar professionally, and now a great insight to “how to make videos.” Thanks Derrick!

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