Arrive Alive Alcohol Breath Tester Review

Have you ever left a party and convinced yourself that you were “okay to drive,” but you really were not 100% sure so you just took it slow and played cautious on the road. You may know your limit and can clearly tell when you’re safe to drive… but it’s more piece of mind to really know you’re ready to get in a vehicle.

I believe the only 100% guaranteed method of safety when drinking is to call a cab or ask to sleep on the couch. However, the second best idea is to test yourself ahead of time with a breath tester such as the Arrive Alive Alcohol Breath Tester. We got our hands on a few of them to give them the trial and we did just that!

The product consists of a balloon-like device and a breath tester component that you attach to the balloon after filling the balloon with your breath. Quite simple to use, you breathe into the balloon then press the edges of the air tester together to trigger the chemical effect needed to “test” the air. Once you trigger the tester you plug the blue-end into the blue-tip on the balloon and push out the air through the little gauge.

As the air rushes over the chemicals in the tester it will begin to change color. The little white gauge inside changes color as it reacts to the alcohol on your breath. If the color change exceeds a length of the tester (measured by a black bar on the device) then you’re not in any good condition to drive.

The product is disposable, once you’ve used it, you just toss it in the garbage and go about your business. The all-in-one disposable design helps keep the price down to something a bit more realistic, giving you a 30-pack of testers for USD $74.99 which is about $90 to $125 less than a hard-bodied reusable device. However, even the reusable devices have a mouth-piece that requires replacements which can run you USD $30 or more for a new pack of testers.

Over the course of the last six months we were able to go through a pack of five of the Arrive Alive testers and that includes showing friends and family the neat-factor to the device. If you find yourself utilizing the products frequently and begin blowing through the 30-pack it may be time to consider a healthier way to pass your free time, your liver isn’t immortal!

Overall, the product proved its usefulness. Although we were never making the decision to leave our house, the goal of the testing was to see how we felt when blowing into it. A mild buzz resulted in a passing grade, albiet barely, while a couple beers resulted in almost no discoloration of the gauge at all. One night of five cocktails left us with full colored bars telling us that driving was far out of the question!

The only major issue I can see with the Arrive Alive product is its directions and need to activate the gauge before squeezing the balloon into it. If you’re extremely drunk, reading and following the directions can be a challenge; even plugging the blue color tip into the blue colored hole on the ballon could get difficult. However, if you’re having trouble understanding how to activate the device then it’s already done its job, correct? You shouldn’t be driving if you can’t read a four step process!

The price may make me hesitate but that’s because I don’t find myself in situations questioning my state of mind from drinking anymore (college days are gone.) However, if you’ve recently sent a child away to college this may be a great way to keep them safe and allow them to truly understand their own physical tolerance. Sure, you don’t want them to go drinking, especially underage, but kids do what kids want to do and keeping them safe is always in our best interest as parents.

The Arrive Alive device is neat, can be fun and may save a life. Consider its results a guide to making good decisions as this is not standardized in all regions of the world. As the bag states: “The Arrive Alive Alcohol BreathTester does not replace standard field sobriety tests used in the field today. Arrive Alive we provide officers with a reliable, easy-to-use tool in determining probable cause.” It’s always a great general rule to plan ahead when you know drinking could get out of control.

Checkout their website for product specifications and store.


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    May 26, 2012 at 2:57 pm

    checked out their website as you suggested. very informative. ordered the breathalyzer and will give it to my son who just received his license.
    thanks derrick.

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    July 2, 2012 at 5:07 pm

    Great Review on the product, will check it out.

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