WoodStock Station and Brewery

If you’re in the White Mountain area of New Hampshire you may want to stop down in Woodstock to Woodstock Station and Brewery. The Brewery has a nice little sit down restaurant inside, somehow casual in nature, like an all American style restaurant.

You can order from a large selection of items, some are very tasty while others could use a bit of work. I’d rank it up closer to the “comfort foods” level, the food tastes good but it cannot be healthy for you. Although they do have a good Fajita Rollup and other options, they’ve also got a great nacho appetizer that’s sure to invoke a few heart attacks but it’s awesome.

Add to this the fact that they’ve got great draft beers of their own namesake and you’re in for a good time. The restaurant is a great place to hit if you’re looking for a good brewery experience but are dragging the family on vacation with you.

I tend to lean towards the Pigs Ear Brown Ale because its got lots of flavor and goes well with many of the menu options. Although they’ve got classic ales like the Red Rack Ale which is sure to complement a meal. What I found odd was the patrons of the restaurant ordering Coors Light and Budweiser… you’re at a brewery up in the northern territory of NH and you’re ordering a mass market brew? C’mon, explore!

Good beer, good food, good experience. If you’re looking for fine dining and fancy foods, this isn’t the place for you. But, if you want a nice back woods experience with a home cooked style all american meal, give it a try.

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