Bluecoat American Dry Gin Review

bluecoat_ginWe’re going to dive right into an American Dry gin, based much off the classic London Dry Gin. Bluecoat arrives in a beautiful blue bottle and contains a gin with many organic components. Bluecoat has organic juniper berries, organic citrus peels and other organic materials. Hopefully this gives off a more natural tasting profile.

https://www.celestissima.org/sozn8t0564 Bluecoat pours clear as water but can be distinguished from the liquid based on its “legs.” When rolling the spirit around the glass, a thin coating remains for almost 10-seconds before the edges start to break and fade into cool “frozen ice” style patterns. The nose of Bluecoat reminds me of a classic London Dry with its juniper berries rising from the glass and filling the room.


https://www.creativecommonsprayer.com/uncategorized/dlwo3hc1qu The juniper in Bluecoat isn’t nearly the “pinesol” juniper you may see in some alternative brands; Tanqueray comes to mind. The juniper is potent but subtle at the same time, giving you the impact of the berry without the burn in the nasal passages. Putting your nose right up into the glass is extremely tolerable and delightful. There is a pretty lemon zest wrapped around the juniper and other “green” organic flavor profiles.


https://cbwmagazine.com/a43lj4yvt The first taste created a sensation I’ve never had in a gin. My eyebrows literally raised as my taste predictions of this gin went completely out the window and down the road. First, the viscosity was thick and well-bodied which shows some great class. While appreciating the smoothness on the palate, a huge explosion of orange zest exploded in my mouth in every direction which tickled all the senses from the tip of the tongue to the back of the nasal passages. It was as if I zested a lemon/lime orange directly in my mouth but without the bitter attack.

You’re getting a “crazy neat” zest essence that is difficult to describe as it is not exactly what I expected from a London Dry style gin made in America. I’ve had American gin’s before but none have had the citrus attack in the mid-palate transition with a muted earthy juniper berry finish. Minutes alter, I’m still getting a mineral flavor on my palate which is very light and memorable. With all the undeniable flavors and prickling sensation, I never really felt a huge attack of alcohols. At 47% (94-proof), I was expecting a much larger attack of alcohol on the back-end of my palate but the smooth citrus dulls it down as I spend my time appreciating its uniqueness rather than the heat.

https://www.moisttech.com/qir6de8awi Bluecoat is a very unique and smooth experience that needs to be savored. This gin would be a great base for a gin martini as it brings great flavors without the typical overpowering juniper experience. There are some floral notes but Bluecoat isn’t really a “boquet” of flowered bontanicals as much as a fun citrus play. Replace the olives with an orange peel and you’re on your way to a wonderful night.

I highly recommend searching out Bluecoat to give your palate a new experience, one that stands lone as an American Dry Gin. What’s London again?


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