Southern Comfort is My Green Eggs and Ham

southern-comfortFor years I’ve avoided Southern Comfort, also known as “SoCo” by the dedicated many that drink this liqueur. The fact that it had Whiskey in the ingredients bothered me, as whiskey and I have had a long standing feud. We don’t talk anymore.

Unfortunately, I let my contempt for whiskey drive my hatred for Southern Comfort. How did I let it come to this? Ignorance, stupidity or simply not sticking to what I do best: try everything involving alcohol. As an everyday drinker there is, typically, no limit to what I’ll try when it comes to an unknown alcoholic beverage. Sake, Pucker, Malbec, Midori, X-Rated, Riesling the list goes on and there isn’t one thing I’ve not put a good effort into. My life is hard.

What defines Southern Comfort? It’s actually a liqueur, not really a simple whiskey. Invented in 1874 by an Irish Bartender (go figure) Martin Wilkes Heron in the French Quarter of New Orleans, this beverage is actually a blend of flavors. A bit of whiskey, peach, orange, banana, vanilla, sugar, and cinnamon flavors, Southern Comfort is a belly warming beverage of tasty proportions.

Put a little Southern Comfort into your coke and it changes the experience. In many ways it tastes much like a Captain Morgan Spiced Rum in a soda but it has a few more dimensions and is probably more versatile than a spiced rum. There are many great cocktails that have SoCo and, moving forward, I’ll be sure to expand on my reviews of cocktails to include my new best friend Southern Comfort.

I would drink it in a house, I would drink it with a mouse, I would drink it on a train, I would drink it in the rain. I like it Sam-I-Am, I do so like my… Southern Comfort?

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