2003 Domaine la Lorentine Lirac Review

liracIt’s time to cover a wine that’s a bit different from the what you’re probably used to. The 2003 Domainele Lorentine Lirac gives you great look into old world wines for a low low price. For USD $15.00 you’ll get a red wine from the Rhône region of France that gives you a bit more than just fruit.

Unlike a California wine, you’ll find much less fruitiness in the Lirac. The scent of the Lirac has hints of pepper, sour cherry and a bit of the soils of France. The dark red wine is inviting, elegant and intriguing in the nose, so we had to try it.

The initial taste is light to medium bodied sour cherry followed by a tannic hit on the tongue and a rather hot dry alcohol finish. You may taste a little soil or earthy flavors and as you drink more you’ll discover new flavors, a bit of peppered spicy strawberry.

Will a New World wine drinker love this wine? Perhaps it won’t be love at first site but it will change your views of red wine. A wine drinker who is unfamiliar with some French wines will find this a bargain for the tasting. Why risk buying a $45.00 or more Old World wine to build out your complex palate when you can try something just as expanding for much less.


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