Samuel Adams Black Lager Brewmaster’s Collection

Another Samuel Adams Brewmaster’s collection variant, Black Lager is much as it sounds: Black. I’m not a huge fan of Sam Adam’s Lager, usually leaning more towards their ale recipes but this was something a bit different, darker and usual.

This Black Lager pours very dark, with a slight reddish brown color when placed directly up against a bright light, but overall very dark. Black Lager’s aroma hints at dark Swiss chocolate mixed with coffee beans and hearty malts.

The head is a half finger thick with a tinted brown color and many little micro-bubbles which sit well on the top of the beer leaving a lazy little lacing upon the edges of the glass. The initial taste is a sweeter chocolate malt with hints of caramel and great light bodied carbonation. This beer has a potent chocolate truffle coffee aftertaste which lingers for a few minutes and works its well nice as an after dinner beverage.

The beer looks much heavier than it really is (4.9% ABV), the carbonation keeps it light and happy from initial taste to finish. If you thought Samuel Adams Black Lager was going to be a heavy “mans beer,” you’d be quite wrong as this fits best as a desert beer or complementing something sweet. Follow this Black Lager with an Irish Cream coffee and you’ve got a night to remember.

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