Octoberfest Seasonals, Back Again!

It’s that time of year again. We’re heading back into the Octoberfest season with some great seasonal brews. Last year we covered a bit about Oktoberfest so we won’t rehash the obvious, today. It’s just important to remember to go out and try a few octoberfest seasonal beers this year.

We’re not saying you’ve got to experience pumpkin spiced aromas in all shapes and sizes, but at least hit up a few unique seaonal beers for octoberfest and see what you think. Samual Adams has a great octoberfest brew, nothing but the best from the Boston Beer Company it seems.

This copper colored beverage does not overpower the scenses with crazy spicy aromas, it hints at a cold fall day without pushing you over a cliff. With an ever so slight caramel taste and well carbonated medium bodied feel Sam Adams Octoberfest is a worthwhile october beverage. It won’t blow your socks off but it will prepare you for the long cold nights ahead.

These toasty malts go above and beyond a summer beverage without going as chocolaty deep as some winter beers. You’ll be hard up to find an october beer domestic to the United States to top this in the microbeer genre of brews. Although some homecrafted october beers will top the Sam Adams seasonal, they’re not as easy to find.

When it comes to a beer you can find anywhere in the US, Sam Adams Octoberfest is an easy to access beer with a festive taste that doesn’t go overboard into sickly pumpkin spiced bursts.

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