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You don’t have to be a professional beer pong player or even know such a thing exists to enjoy a good game of beer pong or, as we call it around here, Beirut. When you’re looking to break out a good game of beer pong, it typically comes as a surprise and people will use anything from a spare table to an unhinged door in order to get in a quick game.

Or, you can pickup a portable beer pong table from a place like Pong A Long! At first I didn’t believe a full 8-foot table could be portable but I was proven wrong as the table folds up like a large suit case. It’s not convenient to walk around town holding the folded up table but it will fit in almost any trunk, even a small car trunks, can be carried around without any effort and stores well into any corner, behind a desk, against a wall or under the bed.

The table consists of four folded panels which unfold and lock out to a full eight feet. The table face is decorated in a stylish and professional design making it fit into most households or dorm rooms without looking out of place. The top is white with fluid black designs and two triangle markers so each team can align their beer pong cups in the exact fashion without any advantages or disadvantages.

Folding out the table can be accomplished in under 30-seconds, but I’ve found two people helping can get the job done faster. Nobody beer pongs alone, so this isn’t an unreasonable request. The only downside I found to unfolding the table is the end tiers tend to fold in on themselves when I try to flip it upright by myself. At first this is a bit frustrating, but a quick flip usually solves the problem. The last thing I want is to look like a fool unfolding this impressive beast so I practiced unfolding it alone before doing it for a party.

The beer pong table is fairly thin, only 2-feet in width which allows beer pong events to work out well in hallways or apartments with little effort. At first people watched in shock as I brought out the beer pong table, not believing such a thing existed. Bringing it into the room and setting up the beirut table proved otherwise while onlookers said “such a thing exists? I’ve always disassembled my door to play.”

If you want to go “Darth Vader style,” you can pickup their 8′ Stealth GT Beer Pong Table. This table arrives in black with brushed black aluminum edges, very cool. Personally, I think the white table is a bit more professional looking and stands out to impress those unbelievers. No matter what, the tables clean well as you’re going to get beer on it eventually.

The fold out parts are all of great quality, strong and will endure constant folding and unfolding without breaking. The table top is a bit light and thin, not exactly delicate, but light enough that you’d not want to attempt to sit on the table. Who would ever try to sit on the table? Ask a drunk guy why he does what he does.

So, for serious or casual beer pong gaming these tables are perfect. If you’re in a dorm room or frat house that has overly aggressive drunks, you’ll want to put the table away before things get too far out of hand; this can be said for most precious products in your possession.

Currently, the most expensive portable beer pong table is the 8′ Stealth Table for USD $109.99 while the 8′ white variant is USD $89.99 and the smaller 7′ table is only USD $64.99. The price is right, considering the compact nature of the product and Pong A Long has the lower end 7′ table for those that want to get into the action without spending too much.

If that doesn’t work, get your dorm room buddies to pitch in and split the table cost! If you’re looking to break into the party, checkout PongaLong.com. Stay tuned for our video review of the table!


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    Mr. Tickles
    August 12, 2008 at 11:32 am

    I now know there is a god… Beer pong anywhere, this is freakin sweet!

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    December 28, 2009 at 11:49 pm

    I’ve owned my Pong a long table for 3 years now, and these tables are very durable!

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