Understanding Syrups Used In Tiki Drinks: Orgeat, Falernum, Don’s Mix Oh My!

Today we’re going to break down the tiki drink syrups commonly used in cocktails served in the faux polynesian style. We’ll understand what Falernum is, what Orgeat can do for a cocktail and some of the mysteries behind Don’s Mix and other tiki spices.

BG Reynolds Syrups:

Liber & Co Syrups:

Understanding syrups used in tiki drinks requires a bit of an understanding about the history of such syrups. While Donn Beach was well known for hiding his recipes under different names, such as Spice #4 for his Cinnamon Simple Syrup many of the syrups he utilizes had a history before his time. You’ll find Falernum syrup was a concept designed on the islands far before Don The Beachcomber was born. However, Donn utilizes such syrups in new creative ways to bring a mythical flavor profile to his tiki designs.

Of course, Don’s Mix is his own design but the discovery of a tart grapefruit paired with a sweet cinnamon unlocked great potential in tiki cocktails for years. While the Zombie is the traditional recipe to use the pairing, Smugglers Cove and other bars have found great success in a cinnamon grapefruit combination.

Orgeat is a fun syrup to play with as it really brings out the ‘tiki flavor’ in almost all the cocktails it is utilizes in. Add orgeat to any cocktail and you’re instantly making a tiki drink. You’ve got a magical tiki elixer in Orgeat, yet the product has existed for over a hundred years, prior to refrigeration for cordials for king’s and queens. The almond flavor of orgeat has become prominent and dominant over the last century and that has changed the landscape of tiki drinks with almond nuance.

So many great syrups, some “one off” syrups like Gardinia mix, but you may notice folks like BG Reynolds working to build their own version of the mixers. Including the mysterious fassionola syrup for original hurricane cocktail designs.

Get ready for tiki month, you’ve now got all you need to prepare your plate for greatness.
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