Tasting St. Lucian Rums: Chairman’s Reserve Spiced and Bounty Spiced Rum

Today we are tasting a couple st Lucian rums by the names of Chairman’s Reserve Spiced and Bounty Spiced Rum. These arrived in our mailbox to taste and we never pass up a good rum tasting.

We also break them down in a rum and coke to see what that would be all about. We try it with Classic Coke and Mexican coke, which is less sweet. Dan’s issue is that the rums are a bit too sweet and he doesn’t like the spice profile of one of them.

Spiced rum “is” a recipe by many terms; you can have all types of spiced rum and none will taste the same because the spices included may vary in content and strength. It’s a delicate blend that the master blenders no doubt are shooting for so you’re going to either love the spiced rum or dislike the spiced rum.

Pickup a bottle of Saint Lucia spiced rum and let us know what you think!

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