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Have you come across a recipe measured in parts and wonder exactly “what is a part?” This is a fairly universal measurement style which, in short, means “insert your recipe measurement style here.”

If you’ve got a recipe that’s 2 parts rum, 1 part sour, 1 part sugar, you can replace parts with any measurement and your cocktail will almost always come out correctly (if done appropriately).

Imagine “parts” as ml and you’ve got 2ml 1ml 1ml but that seems small, right? What about “parts” as ounces, now it’s 2 oz 1 oz 1 oz which is pretty reasonable, but the ratio is the same every time no matter how small.

Or, adjust it to cups and you’ve got 2 cups, 1 cup 1 cup which is going to be a punch-style version of whatever cocktail it is you’re working on, pretty nifty right?

It seems difficult by measures cannot be much more simple when you break it down.

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