Jim Beam Maple Review, Sweet In Your Mouth hole

Tasting Notes: Sweet and smooth weighty maple against a slightly muted yet tart biting whiskey finish.

Jim Beam Maple is a product for your shelf to bring a sweetness to your cocktails with a driving focus of maple syrup. If you can find a way to bring maple syrup into a cocktail you’ll find a way to bring in Jim Beam Maple Whiskey. From a breakfast cocktail to a sweeter starter cocktail for the night, I see Jim Beam Maple as something closer to a maple liqueur than a whiskey/bourbon.

While you’ll get a bite of whiskey in the finish, it pales in comparison to the sweet maple start. If you’re into a whiskey with muted notes derived from the barrel aging than Jim Beam Maple isn’t the product for you–it’s really a liqueur with a whiskey base than a whiskey aged maple.

Once you pour this into your Glencairn glass you’ll notice the maple notes flowing from the glass. The scent alone should give you the warning you’ll need to underscore the driving maple profile. If you’ve got a maple whiskey at home now, the Jim Beam Maple may not be distinct enough to make you have to bring on an additional maple product. However, if you’ve finished your current maple whiskey or want to dip a toe into the maple whiskey scene, there is nothing wrong with the Jim Beam offering.

Drink Responsibly.


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    Wayne Parker
    January 19, 2015 at 5:46 pm

    Hey..great review!! I’m an every (other) day drinker. Let’s hang out !!! Jim Beam Black is my poison of choice.

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