How To Properly Taste Alcohol & Distilled Spirits | Beginner Tastings 101

Today we’re going to teach you how to properly taste alcohol and distilled spirits. We’ll be using Norlan Glasses and using our new bottle of Bumbu Rum to show you how tasting should be done.

These fool proof steps will prepare you, as a beginner or an advanced drinker, for tasting distilled spirits like rum, whiskey, bourbon, gin, vodka and tequila.

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Once you have your norlan whiskey glasses you have all you need to learn how to taste spirits. Of course, many folks want to know how to taste whiskey and that’s a fine beverage but we recently got a bottle of bumbu rum (original) and wanted to put that to the taste test in our example. So, we are doing a rum review to taste bumbu original rum while showcasing how to properly taste spirits like rum.

This works with the nuances of a vodka as well, so you could learn how to taste vodka from here if you’re into the clear spirits. You can apply that same techniques to your favorite spirit.

First, make sure to prepare your palate for tasting. We suggest you cleanse your palate with low-salt crackers and a bit of water (or, in a pinch, just water).

Now, wash your mouth with the spirit of choice, whiskey, rum, whatever. Rinse it out and spit it out (or swallow if you have no place to drive go).

Then, you want to really take in the aroma of your spirit within the norlan glasses. Waft it towards your face before getting into it, and don’t stuff your nose in the glass, that’s a bad idea.

Once you’ve got a good scent, you can take a sip from the norlan glass as you’d expect so that you can sample the flavors for real. Let it sit on your palate for 10 to 15 seconds. Then swallow (or spit it out) and take in its impact.

Write notes! To properly taste a spirit you have to remember the key notes you’re picking up before they fad away. So, note taking is an excellent idea to a good spirit tasting.

Repeat the steps once more if you want, then on your final attempt add some water to your distilled spirit… alcohol breaks up amongst water so dilute it down 25% to 38% so that the dilution helps your taste buds understand the spirit better.

You can write additional notes to understand the right flavor profile and aromas of this alcohol… this distilled spirit. While these techniques will work for wine and beer our goal is to understand how to get past those alcohol-notes of the spirit and reach into its depths for real flavors.

That’s it! Keep going and learn as you go, you’ll get even better with time!

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