How To Identify & Taste Flavors in Distilled Spirits | Beginner Tastings 101

The question we get a lot is “how do you taste all those specific flavor nuances in your spirit? all I get is alcohol.” This is a problem that can be solved through practice and understanding of what flavors _are_ so you can start to identify them in your spirits.

1. Build your flavor dictionary
2. Compare and contrast similar spirits for unique differences
3. Get a real tasting glass, like Norlan Whiskey Glasses.

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It’s never as easy as it sounds but the root of most issues is that new tasters have a tough time getting through the ethanol. They result is that “it just tastes like alcohol to me” feeling and a lot of that has to do with the glassware you’re using. Once you fix that you’re next challenge is getting around the “it just tastes like gin” or “this just tastes like whiskey” or “doesn’t this just taste like vodka/rubbing alcohol?”

Our community wants to know how we pull off coming up with all those special aroma’s and nosings in our tasting videos and spirit reviews.It’s practice, it’s patience, and it’s overall flavor experiences.

If one has never had a lime before, how can one tell you if there is salty lime/citrus in a tequila? It would be impossible to identify but you might say “yeah, tastes like tequila.” Because your own basis for reference is tequila itself. That sucks.

You should use your nose to smell and inspect everything you can, take in the aroma and let it get into your senses. Buy new fruit you’ve never had, buy vegetables you’ve never eaten and experience their flavors. The next key to being able to identify more rare flavors is to experience them first.

Fresh leather? Hit up a shoe store. Toffee? Make some DIY toffee at home and experience its creation. Cardamom? Pickup some cardamom bitters and experience the flavor of cardamom.

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