Hornitos Black Barrel Tequila Review, Cinco de Mayo

Today we bust out a review of Hornito’s Black Barrel as part of our Cinco de Mayo celebration. Double aged in whiskey barrels, this is an añejo tequila that has the essence of oak, vanilla and smooth refined flavor. We can sit down and go through all the styles of tequila here (but we’ve done that before), so let’s just get down the brass tax: you’re looking at an aged tequila that has the impact of small oak barrels.

Oak barrels will round out the flavors, take the edge off the intense grit of a freshly distilled spirit and adds the silky texture and easy mouth feel while bringing complex oak, vanilla and other minor nuances. Thankfully the standard Hornitos Blanco is a good quality 100% de Agave product so you’re working with good base materials. Add to that the cost effective nature of the Hornitos branding in an aged product and you have an añejo that’s affordable for a wide variety of individuals.

If you didn’t know it was a tequila, you may think it’s a bourbon! Suggested retail price is $29.99, far cheaper than most añejo’s on the market that we’ve tried yet it remains a tasty complex selection for your shelf.

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