Crave: Chocolate Truffle Liqueur Review / Tasting

If you’re looking for rich and creamy depth in your liqueur, Crave: Chocolate Truffle Liqueur by John Dekuyper & Sons. We sat down to taste this Crave branded liqueur called “Chocolate Truffle” and found it very impressive from the sweet mid-bodied chocolate that doesn’t get fully into cream-based liqueur and shy’s away from over-the-top sweetness.

Sure, you’ll find Crave Chocolate Truffle riding the edge of crazy chocolate sweetness with just a bit of authenticity that makes you wonder if there is a dark chocolate blend to slightly tame down the “milk chocolate” attack. While Crave Chocolate Truffle Liqueur would probably work great in a hot drink like coffee, I’m a bit weary that the alcohol may present itself in the heat of the aroma. However, in a vodka martini you may get just the sweet you’re looking for to offset a 40% ABV vodka.

While we highly recommend trying this Crave liqueur, the only question we really have is… can you really taste the difference in a “chocolate truffle” versus any other type of chocolate liqueur. That part might be a bit of marketing!


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