Azeo Rum Review / Silver and Aged Rum

We got a bunch of bottles of alcohol in our PO Box a few months ago all labeled “Azeo” from Azeo Distillery. Today, we’ll give their rum variety a spin and see how it goes.

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Azeo rum apparently comes in two styles: light and aged. The light rum (or white rum) has a good flavor to it, just the right amount of “interesting” for a light rum. We found the darker aged rum to be very young in flavor, it has the same key elements of the Azeo light rum but with a large oak-centric “bright white oak” character.

The light rum has a tad bit of a smokey appeal, which is fun and different. That light smoke plays into the aged rum as well, but overall the age rum falls a bit flat on total interest factor. It has a lot of oak-driven flavor that eclipses most of the nuance of the light rum. The aged rum does not bring any molasses flavor, which we love, nor does it have a lot of the same qualities of most island aged rums — it just feels like a young rum aged in a brand new oak barrel for a moderate time period.

We would love the aged rum to have a bit more caramel, toffee or other aged qualities to it but it tends to just lay right down on the wood character. Maybe they should char their oak and see what that does to it? Don’t know, but we’re quite fond of the Azeo light rum variety and would recommend that one first out of the two Azeo branded spirits.

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