Tanteo Chocolate Tequila

tanteo-chocolateThere are many great tequila products in the market today. We’re no longer victims of low grade gold/oro tequila. Now, let’s take a moment to branch out from the standard 100% Agave Blanco products and jump into a little infusion. We’re talking about Tanteo Chocolate Tequila.

My instincts were fighting me the entire way when making my first Tanteo Chocolate Infused Margarita. I could have tried Tanteo using their recommended recipes but I wanted an initial baseline to really understand the differences between Tanteo and other tequila brands and that requires my Perfect Margarita recipe. My taste scenario was simple: substitute my typical reposado or blanco tequila for Tanteo‘s Chocolate infused alternative.

I’m not going to lie, I thought this was going to be the first time I had to write a not-so-stellar tequila review. Upon smelling the infused chocolate I was met with a ton of jalapeño flavor — a ton. I used a third party to confirm my suspicions on the bouquet of this tequila and they said it was very subtle. This goes to show you that everyone’s palate and nose is a bit different.

Moving forward, I mixed myself the exact proportions I’d typically use for my margaritas. The smell of the final drink was still, in my opinion, a powerful jalapeño but the taste was exactly what you want in an infused tequila. The chocolate is super subtle as was the jalapeño’s heat and flavor. You could taste the 100% de Agave blanco tequila with hints of infusion attacking your palate like a complex wine.

You need to search out the flavors to truly enjoy them which garners a huge amount of respect in my humble opinion. Anyone can attack your senses with overpowering sickly sweet tastes. Making a subtle flavor while maintaining the high qualities of the base ingredient is much more difficult. The finish remains on your palate for the long haul, you’ll taste jalapeño essences as you breath out but will not feel the heat of the pepper. Pure excellence.

Tanteo also has a full jalapeño flavored tequila and a tropical flavored tequila, stay tuned for in-depth reviews of the full gamut of their infused offerings. You’ll find Tanteo in the New York area for the price of USD $45.00, hopefully they’ll be expanding outwards soon enough as more folks will have access to their infused tequilas.


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    Frank Foodie
    May 11, 2011 at 3:52 pm

    Your explanation of this tequila is equisite and made me feel like I was tasting it as I read. I too have heard it was good but I wonder about mixing chocolate with things. Don’t get me wrong I love chocolate and want nothing more than everything to taste and smell like it so I guess I will finally try this.

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