Partida Blanco Tequila: Clearly Perfection

Partida BlancoIf you want to taste a smooth tequila you’ll want to checkout the 100% agave Blanco (“silver”) tequila known as Partida Blanco. Much like it’s sexy sister, ejo Tequila, in style and grace, this silver beverage doesn’t have the same punch. Where the añejo is potent in flavor and taste the silver is subtle yet complex.

Both Tequilas can be sipped but the silver works really well in a good mixed cocktail like a classy margarita. Blanco doesn’t have the same spicy punch as its older sister because its a very young in age while the añejo is aged roughly four years or so before it hits the bottle. The blanco is a crystal clear tequila but isn’t as bland as water offering a rich tequila flavor that won’t sour your face–exactly what a good mixed beverage needs.

There is no reason to substitute an ugly gold (oro) mixto “tequila” when you can get a 100% agave tequila that won’t make your drink too strong but will make it taste as it should.

If you do choose to sip the Partida Blanco you’ll find it contains many citrus and fruit flavors which may make you want to run for the border and get some sunshine, nice beaches and a relaxing atmosphere. Of course, reality states you’ll stay exactly where you are, sit back, close your eyes and imagine such a place. The taste is crisp enough to almost be refreshing with a short but tasty finish. Don’t get me wrong, you’ll taste the alcohol and a slight burning sensation that tells you this is a fine Mexican alcohol.

Beware, this crisp blanco will go down very easily especially when chilled (common for many alcohols, but I don’t really care for that method). You can easily find yourself enjoying a little too much Partida Blanco, so take it slow and relish the experience not the effects of it.

If you’re looking for a full depth Tequila experience I suggest an ejo tequila like Partida and if you’re looking for a lighter experience for sipping or mixing go with a Blanco like Partida or Cavalino.


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