The Tiki Culture | The History of Tiki Series

Amazingly the faux invention of the tiki bar and cafe creates an emerging Tiki Culture right up into the 60s. Tiki is presented in movies, TV, and architecture around the United States.

Tiki Mugs:
Beachbum Berry Remixed:

It’s amazing to see how the tiki culture crept into the mainstream in movies and TV, I recall the “Cursed Idol” episode of the Brady Bunch as a great example of this impact. Going to a Hawaiian Island and experiencing the culture (some real, some faux) and some magical idol (made out of the dreams of Donn Beach) somehow comes into play? Amazing.

0:00 Don The Beachcomber
0:36 Tiki Decor Arrives
1:00 Tiki Houses and Real Estate
1:18 Tiki Invades TV
2:06 Tiki Today

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