The Forbidden Sour | Pomegranate & Whiskey!? The Forbidden Sour is a fantastic whiskey sour style cocktail with lovely pomegranate notes thanks to the use of Pama Liqueur. Bookmark the recipe here: The Forbidden Sour is a take on the whiskey sour (lemon and bourbon) along with some pomegranate liqueur which gives it a brand new taste and flavor profile on a standard whiskey sour. We may have made a few mistakes here, which made it more fun, and we tossed a bit of bourbon down the drain, but we got the Forbidden Sour done! Creamy mouth feel, sweet and tart with nice bourbon brown sugar notes. Great fall drink! Forbidden Sour – 1 oz bourbon – 1 oz Pama pomegranate liqueur – 1 oz lemon juice – 1/2 oz simple syrup – Garnish: orange wheel – Garnish: cherry

Cheapest Ambien Index Cheap Ambien With Prescription 0:00 Introduction 0:25 Recipe breakdown 1:20 The cocktail reboot 1:35 Then Ian doubles the recipe because of an overpour Buy Zolpidem Online From India 2:25 Ian’s slow squeeze dramatic action 4:55 The Pour
5:44 The money shot
6:40 Tasting Notes #whiskey #bourbon #pomegranate
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