The Daiquiri | Learn an Easy Drink Recipe!

Are you new to cocktails? Our want to re-enforce your knowledge? Learn how to make a daiquiri drink recipe! The recipe

Scrappy’s Bitters:
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The 2:1:1 recipe breakdown is easy: 2 oz rum, 1 oz fresh lime juice, 1 oz simple syrup.

Using the golden ratio can be used for many drinks, but the beauty of the simple daiquiri recipe is the ability to build unique flavors by adding simple ingredients like scrappy’s bitters. Cocktail bitters give nuanced flavors that are more apparent in simple drinks with few recipe ingredients.

You can also play with liqueurs, different types of syrup and such to create your own experimentation off the daiquiri recipe. You’ll find many sour cocktails follow the same rules and all you have to do is swap out one ingredient for another or give it one additional ingredient to really change up the experience.

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