Rabo de Galo | A Cachaca Cocktail!

Today we’re creating the Rabo de Galo, a cocktail with cachaca that isn’t a caipirinha. This is probably a variation or take on a negroni (with different ratios).

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We asked our live chat during the stream for more Brazilian drinks that are not just the caipirinha and this one came up, so we build it out! The beverage is slightly bitter, with a fig-like flavor profile and a mild cachaca through the tasting profile.

Rabo de Galo
​​1 3/4 oz cachaca
3/4 oz sweet vermouth and
1/4 oz cynar stirred

0:00 Introduction
1:37 Recipe breakdown
2:30 Tasting Notes
3:00 Negroni…?
3:52 Dan continues to try to figure out the taste…
4:55 Dan finally gets tasting notes…
6:11 Thumbs down or up?

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