Pitcher of Margaritas with Margarita Texas Mix | Easy Margaritas

A Pitcher of Margaritas with Margarita Texas Mix made easy with an immersion blender. This fantastic drink recipe sponsored by Margarita Texas Mix, https://margaritatexas.com/

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https://www.aytoyuncler.com/2023/09/14/qg2jztea I know, you want a no frills slightly sweet-forward but enough sour to give you the tartness and you want it in larger servings done quickly. Why? The best margarita’s are made with natural ingredients yet done in such a way that you can get back to socializing. Using a margarita mix makes that fast, using a bad margarita mix mades that sad. So, pickup Margarita Texas Mix so that you get a solid no high fructose corn syrup natural cane sugar taste.

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The recipe breakdown is on the bottle: Purchase Ambien Cr 12.5 Mg 7.5 oz margarita texas mix https://acatfcl.cat/2f6hdbrd 6 oz reposado tequila 3 oz orange liqueur
Roughly 4 cups of ice

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https://alfombrasbsb.com/owcu5el6y Margarita Texas Mix is made with cane sugar as well as a combination of real lemon and lime juices, took gold medal in a blind tasting by the Beverage Tasting Institute and 1st place at the Margarita & Salsa Festival in Waco Texas.

We’re going to use an immersion blender for this drink recipe, not a traditional blender. We will use some crushed ice for a quick chill down. I’m not a huge fan of blenders as they tend to obliterate the ice and over-dilute the drink. That can be solved with a bit more tequila, but why toss off the balance and create a science project? We just want a great margarita.

https://aguasdeburgos.com/whc97r2z You can get Margarita Texas Mix at margaritatexas.com along with like 70 more cocktail recipes. The label also includes a standard “on the rocks” recipe as well.

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https://www.a-crear.com/gw9jbire 0:00 Introduction
1:03 The Texas Pitcher (recipe)
1:45 Why use a margarita mix?
2:12 Crushed Ice, but not tiny
2:46 The Blend
3:00 The Pour


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