Casamigos Tequila, Would Not Recommend. Why?

We did a casamigos review years ago (2013) and we gave the reposado a “don’t buy” rating, and the silver a “buy rating”. But, I am here to tell you that is no longer true. Both are “not buy”.

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I’m not 100% sure what has changed with casamigos over the years, but the review we did in a past life is no longer true. Now, they have changed their distillery since our original review and the brand was bought out as well — did this change the flavor profile of the spirit? Or, perhaps we just didn’t have as much of a mature palate as we do now?

We’ve tasted plenty of tequila over the years, but this video was done after about 5 years of tasting tequilas:

Also, the Dirty Secrets of Tequila:

Today, we’re 13+ years of tequila tasting experiences so things are different, and the industry has changed since this casamigos review.

Now, the casamigos blanco has very vanilla-forward flavors, almost synthetic in taste profile and, worse of all, it comes out in the flavor of your cocktail. I never want someone to tell me that my margarita recipe is “off” because it “just doesn’t taste right”, and this happens every time I hand a tequila drinker a margarita with casamigos blanco. That’s not cool.

My current list of notable brands that are better than casamigos include: siete leguas, partida, don julio, alma, siempre, and fortaleza. No, I’ll go even better… one of the most sub-par expensive tequilas (Patron) is STILL better than Casamigos. Sorry guys.

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