For Men, By Men: Drinks for a Dudes-Only Baby Shower

handsome man lifts toast about wine glassBaby Shower. Two words that can strike fear into the manliest of men. Visions of chocolate filled diapers, squealing women, and decorations reminiscent of the famed pastel factory explosion of ’05 fill your head. It doesn’t have to be that way though. Diaper parties are a sure-fire way to escape even co-ed showers.

A diaper party is a dudes-only shower consisting of drinking and guy time. No over-zealous decorations, no crazy party games. Bring the dad-to-be a pack of diapers (something he’ll actually use) pour yourself a cocktail and enjoy. Diaper parties are all about watching sports, toasting a friends and keeping it real. The closest you’ll get to frou-frou party games are a few gag gifts from or using the new-front facing baby carrier to haul around cans of beer.

Patios and man-caves are the ideal settings for a diaper party, so your drink options are plentiful. We say, however, you should keep it simple. Provide a few beer options and a few liquors that can be enjoyed straight or on-the-rocks.


Don’t Settle for Boring Domestics. You’re toasting the end of your buddy’s freedom. Soon, his life will be about more than which game to watch after work, it’s gonna be about guiding a human through life. He deserves better than a watery domestic brew, and so do the rest of your guests. If you’re planning on roasting under the sun on the patio, plan for a lighter beer like a Belgian white with fresh orange slices. If climate isn’t an issue, Irish reds or stouts are nice options to add to the cooler. Opt for Smithwicks over Killians. It’s about quality, not quantity.

Superfriend Option: Brew a batch of beer specially for the party. If your buddy’s beer of choice is Sierra Nevada, you can make him a batch of his own beer in that style. Most beers take just under a month to make and have ready for consumption. It’s takes only a few hours to brew the mix, followed by several days of fermenting, a few more hours to bottle, and storing until ready to drink. Find a local brew supply store, they’ll provide you with great ingredients and they’re usually super knowledgeable.


It’s Not a College Party. Don’t you dare break out the Everclear or plastic-bottle vodka. In fact, if you own either of them, dispose of them immediately. You’re an adult and you can do better than that. Quality sipping tequila or whiskey are great options. If things get a little rowdy you can do shots, but you can also enjoy them as they were meant to be: by savoring them.  Watch out on the whiskey front. Some guys love a scotch whiskey (like the Laphroaig 10 year we reviewed) and some prefer a less peat-y beverage. A smoother Irish or Canadian Whiskey like Jameson or Forty Creek can do nicely.

Superfriend Option: Find a fantastic aged or reserve liquor to take it up a notch.

Mixed Drinks

Let’s Not Get Crazy. You’re there to have a good time, not serve as a bartender for everyone. Basic martinis, rum and cola, rocks margaritas and others are totally acceptable. But we have to ask: are they worth the time and trouble to calculate the amounts of ingredients needs and to keep remixing?

Superfriend Option: If you’re going to make mixers, make them manly, memorable and delicious. Sidecars are made from two liquors and a hint of citrus, see’s classic recipe for specifics. They go down easy but hit you hard.

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