Paqui Silvera Tequila Review

You can never have too much silver tequila and today I’m looking at Paquí Silvera Tequila, a silver tequila that’s 100% de Agave with a name taken from the Aztec’s meaning, “to be happy.” Will you be happy with the Paquí Silvera? Let us find out!

It pours clear, as a silver should, and immediately hits you with sweet agave and jasmine right out of the gates. Wow, so unique on this bouquet–very fresh and fruity with some green notes. I begin to get what may be a caramel note on the nose, but the floral qualities jump right in and take over. Extremely different from most silvers and contains almost zero burn on the nose.

The taste is nice and smooth, almost got a bit of mint in the attack just before the grassy flavors kicked in with a numbing burn near the finish that cleans quickly and leaves a light tickle of agave flavors on the palate. Usually I get a bit more potent “sea salt” in the mid-palate but Paquí Silvera has nothing like that, maintaining a slightly unique green cut grass taste. By the third sip I’m getting a bit of light black pepper, ever so slightly spicy with lime/citrus.

The smoothness is nice and well done for a bottle of USD $35 tequila (or so that’s what I’ve noticed for pricing). I’m guessing you’ll find Paquí Silvera sold for a bit more due to its well crafted taste experience that leaves you wondering why people assume silver tequila’s are “mixers” for cocktails. This may change the game.

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