Thanks For 2009!

For those that have been following Everyday Drinkers, our audio show (another coming soon), cocktail video’s and our spirit reviews — thank you for a great 2009. We found a lot of great brands last year and look forward to a booming industry of cocktails and spirits in the coming 2010. Last year we saw huge growth in our show Common Man Cocktails and this year we’ll be bringing you Alcohols by Volume as our newest video edition to the sites.

If anything, we hope that you were entertained by the showing and we look forward to a bigger 2010. From a cocktail standpoint, we learned a lot about making some great cocktail recipes while experiencing new tastes and flavors throughout the year. As the economy slowly bounces back we’re hoping even more companies spring up to show off some great cocktail accessories, spirits and great information.

We can’t wait for the warm weather to arrive! Until then, we’ll keep pressing on with some cool cocktails, warm spirits and great fun!

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