Want To Learn More About Tequila?

Tequila RackAfter being contacted by Tequila Rack I hit up their website and found they have some great videos about the history of Tequila, explain what Tequila is and how it’s made and dispel common Tequila Myths (i.e. the “worm”).

Need to know more about Mixto and 100% Agave and don’t want to read my explanation on the topic? Head to Tequila Rack and get learned up with a video, you can save reading for other Everyday Drinker articles 😉

Now, typically I’d want you to stick around to read more on Everyday Drinkers, but I highly encourage you to watch their segments to learn a bit more about Tequila. No, they’re not paying me, I’m just happy to see a few websites taking the time to dispel wrong thoughts about Tequila and trying to make a few more people more informed on the magical Mexican beverage.

We share a common goal, explaining to drinkers the basics about Tequila to make you a better shopper, better drinker and respect the different ages and styles of Tequila.

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