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Today we’re going to show you how to make the sidecar cocktail recipe, which you can find in our recipe book here

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The Sidecar is an interesting cognac drink, primarily because it has a bit of a weird orange / citrus / sour lemon bite to it. Not exactly what we crave, but an interesting drink to try for those cognac drinkers.

The Sidecar Recipe
1 1/2 oz cognac
3/4 oz orange liqueur
3/4 oz lemon juice
Garnish: orange twist
Garnish: sugar rim (optional)

Overall, this would probably be a pass for us, we’re not sold on the lemon balance in this one, as it has a bit of that “bile” taste going on again, much like the Detroit Athletic club.

0:00 Introduction
1:14 Wet Ass Orange?
1:38 Recipe Breakdown
4:12 The Pour
4:42 The Money Shot
5:18 The Tasting I
6:00 Fruit Ninja with Big Knife
7:24 Tasting II

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