Pouring & Tasting Absinthe | How To Guide

https://www.fithealthy365.com/km70n91c How do you properly pour absinthe and taste it when you’re louching it with water? We aren’t using an absinthe fountain for preparing absinthe, just straight up using a Brouilleur Dripper/Coupe.

https://www.monteimport.com/ccbmd5rv9q Absinthe has a definite taste to it, that fennel/anise black licorice flavor; if you don’t like that, this may be a tough one for you. But the fun is in the presentation and display and build out of the absinthe in a glass!

0:00 Introduction
0:16 Ratio
1:04 The pour
1:24 Words about sugar cubes and spoons
1:54 The drip action
2:20 The tasting

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https://celavoice.org/2023/06/05/l6iuyme Drink Responsibly.

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