Great Pumpkin Cocktail | Beer Cocktail (Made Twice)

Today we create the Great Pumpkin cocktail, we make it twice with two different beers: Shipyard Smashed Pumpkin, and again with Kentucky Pumpkin Barrel Ale.

It’s a flip! Time to get your whole eggs ready, tis the season of fall and ya’ll need your protein. This drink is probably supposed to highlight the Lairds Apple Brandy, but we have plenty of drinks with that this month, so let’s just emphasis the use of beer.

Great Pumpkin:
– 2 oz pumpkin ale
– 1 oz Laird’s Apple brandy
– 1 oz Rye Whiskey
– 1/2 oz grade B maple syrup
– 1 whole egg
– Garnish: nutmeg, freshly grated

Laird’s Apple brandy helps fall into the season, autumn into wonder, but autumn cocktails wouldn’t be complete without some nutmeg, whiskey, maple syrup, and … pumkin ale. It wouldn’t be a pumpkin cocktail without pumpkin beer — beer cocktails can be fun if done right. However, while Derrick’s not a huge fan of pumpkin beer he’s also not a huge fan of using pumpkin puree just for a single drink. That’s far too much work for a fall drink recipe.

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