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Royal Rose Natural Demerara Cocktail Syrup

Royal Rose Natural Demerara Cocktail Syrup
Royal Rose Natural Demerara Cocktail Syrup

In todays world of cocktails nothing beats natural flavors. Natural products such as natural Demerara syrup makes cocktails better and customers know it. Customers are now demanding products made with natural ingredients over high fructose corn syrup, food color dyes and ingredients you cannot pronounce in the English language.

Enter Royal Rose Natural Demerara Cocktail syrup. The ingredients include: Organic sugar, filtered water, organic cardamom, organic clove. Immediately you see lots of “organic” keywords peppered around the label…why? Royal Rose is all about using organic ingredients because they believe in nature and the flavors nature provides. Of course, we know “organic” sells in todays world regardless to your argument about what exactly defines something as “genetically modified” vs. “organic” (as everything has adapted or modified itself organically). Save that debate for a soft couch and a chill cocktail. Today, let’s talk syrup.

You can make your own homemade Demerara syrup with a bit of turbinado sugar, water and heat. Or, you can purchase Natural Demerara Syrup by Royal Rose (obviously from AwesomeDrinks). The difference between a homemade simple syrup and the Royal Rose product is the base ingredients which include cardamom and clove. Two very vibrant flavor profiles that pair with a wide range of cocktails and fill in some of the “holes” you might find in a rather bland or boring design.

The cardamom and clove transforms this from Natural Demerara syrup to Natural Demerara Cocktail syrup. The “cocktail syrup” title invokes a slightly different objective: create a better cocktail. A standard simple syrup is usually just a base sweetener. This elevates your cocktail to a higher potential by bringing in very mild spice nuances. The result is a sweet Demerara silky consistency with a hint of that warm trade spice flavor that integrates so seamlessly. You might think organic is actually better than it is–that’s because the slight improvement in overall aroma and flavor exists through additional spice.

What is Demerara Syrup Anyway?

A Demerara syrup is not synonymous with “simple syrup” or “white sugar syrup.” It’s also not brown sugar because a brown sugar which is going to be a white sugar “browned” with a wash of molasses. Demerara sugar is a large grain (look at “sugar in the raw” as an example) sugar that was originally sourced from Guyana but other countries have now begun to take up the trend.

Demerara is produced through the first crystallization process as cane juice is converted into sugar crystals. Demerara has that warm rich molasses flavor naturally, bringing out caramels and deep sweet notes in your cocktails. Much like a Molasses rum, Demerara syrup can add that influence to any cocktail from tequila to vodka. Hell, it makes vodka better.

One can argue nutritional value pro’s and con’s of all the sugar styles, but we are making cocktails, right? Nutrition isn’t our #1 concern when busting out a tasty beverage. You want nutrition go eat an apple.

Make Cocktails More Interesting with Demerara Syrup

A standard Daiquiri with Natural Demerara Syrup from Royal Rose is going to bring a new depth to your cocktail. Just as agave nectar influences the final taste of a margarita, bringing Natural Demerara Syrup to your rum-based cocktail, like a daiquiri is going to make your imbiber think you’ve used a rich dark rum instead of a more cost effective light rum. The light clove and trade spice nuances balance against the tart lime bite. It is like making beautiful music.

Don’t stop with rum, change up most of your favorite cocktails that call for white sugar with a bit of Natural Demerara Cocktail Syrup. You will appreciate the change with such simple modifications.

Remember, keep experimenting and trying new things.

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