In Defense of Drinkware

CI have a confession: I love fancy drinkware. It doesn’t matter if I’m drinking a $5 bottle of wine in sweatpants or a well-crafted cocktail at a black-tie party, I want to drink it in a fancy cup. I wasn’t always this way. Even when I had company over I used to use cheap IKEA glasses.

Luckily I never went so far as to truly embrace the red solo cup. I can “proceed to party” on my own, thank you very much. If you want to see some real redneck inspiration Break has the funniest pictures. Anyway, I just can’t bring myself to use a red solo cup, even when it’s glued to a candle holder to make a goblet. Nor do I want to use a solo cup that’s on the third or ninth use. I’ve seen people put them in the dishwasher and I’m pretty sure they’re not intended for multiple uses.

Everyone has turning points in their life. Mine was when I unleashed my Waterford crystal. When I really learned to live.

I’d had a pair of Waterford toasting flutes and a set of wine goblets…that I kept safely nestled in their packaging. They were gifts, you see, and I wanted to protect and cherish them. For years I didn’t enjoy them. It was ridiculous.

I’m not advocating people spend loads of money on crystal goblets and tumblers, but if you have them, enjoy them. If you find a great set at a thrift shop, get them. And don’t relegate them to the china cabinet you never open. Use them and enjoy them. Get rid of the things that are ugly or useless and do nothing more than take up space.

Nowadays, I use mine every time I open a bottle of wine or champagne. I love the weight of them in my hand. They feel solid. They’re perfectly weighted and balanced.

They’re also beautiful. Why have beautiful things if you don’t enjoy them? That’s what I realized. That’s the whole lesson. What makes one day worthy of fancy glasses and other days worthy only of cheap, wobbly glasses? Nothing.

Sure, I could break a crystal goblet. But I’ve got 7 more where that one came from. And they’re meant to be used, not to be put in a museum. That’s what I tell people when they’re visiting and protest my handing them Waterford on a Wednesday evening. I think it’s time we all start appreciating craft, quality and beauty over cheap, disposable, and mass-produced.

Even if you can’t afford top shelf liquors, I bet you’ll get more enjoyment from a drink that’s well crafted, beautifully presented and feels good in your hand.

Restaurants already know this. Why do you think every television food competition I’ve ever seen judges, in part, on presentation? All of our senses have an impact on how we experience life. So why not treat your senses and yourself? You deserve it. I know I do.


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