Flor de Caña Black Label Review

flor-de-canaFlor de Caña or “Flower of Sugarcane” is a slow-aged dark rum. This rum is aged five years but looks much darker than its age. The dark copper color is very pretty to look and makes this look like a ten plus year old rum.

This Nicaraguan rum has the most unique bouquet out of all the rums I’ve had the opportunity to taste.  Initially I get a heavy caramel smell with a hint of agave and anise which is peculiar. A second sniff I’m getting a slight burn of alcohol along with some white pepper and a few curious minutes later I began to identify the last flavor my nose received: butterscotch. Once I put the rum on ice I received a huge butterscotch attack which was both impressive and unique.

Without ice or water I found this rum to be inviting and thick with an initial butterscotch attack followed by a dark caramel mid-palate transition ending with a black pepper finish. The flavors are extremely inviting and delicious even though the finish has a bit of an alcoholic bite. This alcohol is removed with a couple cubs of ice, the ice also brings through a lot more caramel and butterscotch flavoring while thinning out the spirit slightly.

Overall, Flor de Caña is a unique and flavorful rum experience for under USD $20. You’ll probably find it fits well with a cocktail or mixed with a soda like a rum and coke. The caramel in the rum would work with the coke, even a diet or coke zero branding. If you’re looking for something new to tickle your palate, the five year old Flor de Caña is a great choice.

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