Whiskey Sour Drink: Egg White vs. Vor Faba Foamer (Aquafaba)

Today we test egg white in our Whiskey Sour (“Boston Sour”) against an Aquafaba Vegan foam.

We are using (amazon affiliate) Vor Faba Foamer: https://amzn.to/3J5AHsO

We tried Vor once before and it left us with the want for something better, it had an off-taste that ruined the cocktail. But, Vor went back and came up with a new product design: Vor Faba Foamer

And, this time? The sucker actually works. It does not leave a funky taste, but does it hold up against egg white? The Egg White version is much creamier, much more dry and the whiskey is more forward in the taste. The foam bubbles are bigger with Vor Faba Foamer but they are present, and the flavor profile is much more lemon-forward vs traditional egg white.

Whiskey Sour:
– 2.0 oz Bourbon Whiskey
– 0.75 oz Fresh lemon juice
– 0.75 oz Simple syrup
– 0.5 oz Egg White vs. Faba Foamer
– 1 pinch Salt

0:00 Introduction
0:27 The Recipe
3:30 Mixing the Faba Foamer
6:00 The Dry Shake
7:35 The Pour
8:10 The money shot
9:10 The Tasting
11:02 Conclusion

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