What is absinthe? How do you serve it?

Today we’re going to answer the question: what is absinthe? and, how do you serve absinthe? This will include some absinthe information on the different styles of absinthe, louching absinthe, absinthe fountains, sugar and explain thujone.

There are two styles of absinthe, green (verte) and white (blanche) and these different styles of absinthe contribute different flavors to the overall experience. Once louched (water slowly dripped over the absinthe) the absinthe oil extracts and colors the liquid (white or green).

Green (verte) absinthe brings more herbal qualities than that of the blanche sister absinthe, which is a bit cleaner, lightly sweeter and has a bit more “black licorice” like flavor.

If you’ve never had absinthe, prepare your senses for that fennel, star anise, “black licorice” like flavor profile. With a bit of sugar added you get more of a black jellybean candy or Mike & Ike flavor to the finished product.

Is absinthe legal? Yes, it’s legal. The thujone content within absinthe (the stuff that, in massive quantities, can make you hallucinate) is so small. You’ll find more thujone content in sage than in wormwood (the core herb behind absinthe) yet the fundamental legal issue around absinthe still persists. Lots of word of mouth incorrect information, lots of past history, and a lot of questions around the mystery that is thujone and absinthe. Let’s chat about some of that!

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