We Drink $100 Bottle of Mezcal: Montelobos Tobala & Dan tries Jeppson’s Malort (unrelated)

Today we taste Montelobos Tobala and give it our review as a $100 Mezcal. We love to review Mezcal so it’s on like Donkey Kong! Oh, unless you’re Ian, he runs. Norlan Tasting glasses: https://amzn.to/3862PYf

Also, unrelated to that, we make Dan taste Jeppson’s Malort because it’s Derrick’s worse spirit of all time (so far).

First, Montelobos makes a great standard Mezcal (from ESPADÍN), however, their Tobala Variation was at our local liquor store and we love Mezcal. We love to drink Montelobos so the pairing fit together in one super duper pairing of flavor fantastics.

Dan and Derrick are fans of mezcal, we use it for a ton fo cocktails and substitute it when Tequila is called for in many drinks just for a new interesting flavor. You’ll find with Montelobos Tobala that you get more mineral and nuttiness over that of a fruity-forward flavor. Plus, some smokey flavor, not unbearable but definitely a presence much like standard Montelobos.

Montelobos Tobala isn’t aged any more than a standard joven mezcal. The smooth character and flavor profile comes from the agave itself, which is more rare and hard to get your hands on. Of course, there is no doubt the rare flavor profile and expensive nature of the product adds to the intrigue and flavor profile.

In any case, Montelobos Tobala is a sipper … unless you roll deep and love to put $100 mezcal into your cocktails. I’m sure it will taste great.

Not a fan of Mezcal, keep trying!!
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