Tasting Flying Embers Kombucha: Ancient Berry, Lemon Orchard, Ginger & Oak

Today we’re tasting Tasting Flying Embers Kombucha in three flavors: Ancient Berry, Lemon Orchard, and Ginger & Oak. What the heck is Kombucha? We’re gonna find out.

So, apparently it’s trendy and all the rage, a fermented black or green tea and raises all types of health benefit signals. We’re not sure about the health benefits of drinking 4.5% alcohol, but whatever, let’s do this!

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Analysis: Kombucha has a lot of champagne like qualities in the bubbles, light fruitiness and dry after taste. However, it’s not champagne, it’s a carbonated beverage probably closer to that of a citrus soda or something in that realm.

Ancient Berry does ring true like a light fruity champagne alternative, lemon orchard is very citrus-forward flavor that has a bit of that cleaning product aroma and Ginger & Oak…that’s just different… Derrick relates it to sweaty hippy, but it’s probably not exactly that.

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