Tahoe Blue Vodka Review

Tahoe Blue Vodka arrived for review and my interest was immediately peaked, I had never seen or heard of a vodka distilled from three different distillates: grain, grape and sugarcane. I’ve had both grain and grape vodka’s in the past (not to be confused with grape flavored vodka) and perhaps I have ever had a sugarcane vodka, but a hybrid? Never.

Pouring a bit in our glass it was immediately understood that Tahoe Blue Vodka does not bring much in nose, staying fairly neutral with that signature “rubbing alcohol” (ethanol) aroma. So, not much to talk about

on the aroma.

Vodka is a fairly neutral product and Tahoe Blue stays true to much of that without having any specific signature note that makes it stand out amongst some of those others that have stronger nuanced flavor. Tahoe Blue stands is on its crisp, clean and easy drinking nature. Not entirely neutral vodka, there is a hint of back-end sweetness that helps balance out any type of alcohol bite in its finish; Tahoe finishes quick and clean without any bitter or abrasive ending and has a medium body mouth feel (with a bit of water added to our glass to bring out any potential aroma and flavor all at room temperature.)

With a suggested retail of $29.99, you’ll find Tahoe Blue Vodka plays towards the top shelf of your collection with its premium pricing. However, you will find yourself not disappointed utilizing Tahoe in your cocktails as it doesn’t impart any distracting flavor and its neutral aroma leaves the cocktail to draw the scent. On the rocks, Tahoe Blue will be your high end classy mouth feel vodka for those that like a striking bright vodka that doesn’t make you shake your head and cringe taking a sip. We did our taste test at room temperature and almost no alcohol was imparted in the finish–chill this and you’re going to wonder if you’re drinking a 40% ABV product. Beware!

Gray Goose lovers and those that tend to spend $25+ for their vodkas will respect Tahoe Blue for exactly what it is and what it intends to be in your glass. The biggest highlight in this vodka is its straight up authentic vodka representation without getting too crazy on flavor notes and doesn’t show any imperfections in mouth feel. Plus, they donate some of the proceeds of your vodka purchase to preserve Lake Tahoe, so you can sip while feeling like you’re helping to save the planet (as long as the planet isn’t your liver.)

Drink Responsibly.

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