Siempre Tequila Tasting | Blanco, Reposado, and Anejo

Today we’re going to review and taste Siempre tequila’s line of tequila products, Siempre blanco, Siempre reposado, Siempre anejo. If you love tequila, stay tuned!

Dirty Secrets of the Tequila Industry:
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Siempre is planning to sponsor our Tequila Month, in May 2021 and we have some of their product at the bar to unbox and taste. Of course, we only pickup sponsors for products we’re interested in and we’ve done a prior Siempre blanco review, but the Siempre Reposado and Anejo were not available at that time–now they are!

Siempre uses the traditional cook method, it gives you some salty citrus, some mineral flavors and a fairly complex blanco. The reposado comes across more subtle and rested, and takes some of the edge off the blanco. Derrick likes the edgy blanco a bit more than the more subtle rested product. Dan and Ian are fans of the anejo and its aged-bourbon-like appeal, especially for sipping Siempre.

The blanco is like other competitive blanco’s on the market with a bit more strength and flavor profile. You’ll find the products range from 30 – 60 depending on age (the Blanco coming in at around $32).

0:00 Introduction
1:08 Tequila Month incoming!
2:01 The aroma
2:25 Tasting notes
3:15 Anejo doesn’t fit every cocktail recipe
4:02 Price breakdown
4:49 Cooked agave / the process of quality tequila
6:50 Trying to decide what ages are better on tequila
8:12 Cocktail pairing thoughts

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