Powers Irish Whiskey 12 Year John’s Lane Release – Review

Today we’re going to take a look at Powers Irish Whiskey 12 Year John’s Lane Release, a brand suggested by one of our viewers. We paid $54.99 in New Hampshire, which is far higher than the typical Irish Whiskey we purchase.

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By comparison, we’ll spend $32 on something like Jameson Irish Whiskey but over $50 for an Irish Whiskey isn’t something we’ve done before. However, everyday is a learning experience so it’s fun to try something new (to us).

Turns out, Powers Irish Whiskey brings some great depth of character, with notes of Tobacco and a muted intensity as you get from an Irish Whiskey. It’s not as bold as a bourbon, not as peat-forward as a Scotch and creates both a good sipper and no doubt a good cocktail.

The full flavor of Powers Irish Whiskey was a surprise to us because we’ve just not had a ton of experience with higher levels of Irish Whiskey and now that has changed. You learn something new everyday and today will be no difference: higher end Irish whiskey brings higher end flavor profile.

Also, doesn’t hurt to learn this from someone that tends bar in Ireland. So there is that!

0:00 Introduction
0:26 The Pour
1:18 Tasting notes
1:32 Why does it taste like Irish?
2:28 Where does Irish Whiskey fit near Canadian and Bourbon?
4:44 Kicking off with a shot, Dan’s reaction.
5:27 Derrick’s suggestion on expanding your palate
6:30 If you’re a Jamison drinker then…

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